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Scenario 10: Anime

Coincidentally, Midjourney released the Niji V5 version as I was writing this chapter, so I'll run the prompts below with the -niji 5 parameter.

Various Anime Styles​

With the niji 5 model, generated content defaults to an anime style. You can specify country, era, creators in style, or add anime styles - per Midlibrary , Midjourney supports over 120+ anime styles.

I won't list them all here, see my style list or Midlibrary for comprehensive details.

Here are some styles I find nice that the model also supports well (Statue of Liberty for prompt subject):

MJ128Chibi Anime StyleChibi anime features miniature, cute, caricatured characters with oversized heads and simplified bodies/expressions for dynamic effects.
MJ129Gakuen Anime StyleCommon style featuring high school life - student council, cultural festivals, romance, friendship, competition.
MJ130Gekiga Anime StyleSober, serious style tackling adult themes like social issues and philosophy. Uses monochrome palette, realistic expressions/behaviors.
MJ131J Horror Anime StyleHorror genre dealing with supernatural themes like ghosts, spirits, monsters.
MJ132Jidaimono Anime StylePeriod dramas depicting Japanese history/culture - war, family conflicts, ninja, bushido, myths. Uses distinct Japanese art styles.
MJ133Kawaii Anime StyleVery cute, kawaii style featuring bright colors, rough outlines, exaggerated facial expressions.
MJ134Mecha Anime StyleRobot-focused style depicting giant machines, mech battles, armored suits. Uses sci-fi, future settings, large-scale fights, dynamic battle scenes.
MJ135Realistic Anime StyleRealist style with more true-to-life characters and storylines. More nuanced expressions, environments, emotive depth.
MJ136Semi-Realistic Anime StyleIn-between realistic and anime styles - more realism but still stylized anime elements. Realistic stories but some anime-style rendering.
MJ137Shoji Anime StyleComedic style per manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori focused on individuals/small groups. Bright, harmonic scenes, exaggerated expressions, simple plots.
MJ138Kemonomimi Anime StyleCharacters with animal ears/tails. Human or humanoid with various animal features, related to girls' manga, boys' manga styles.

Turning Photos into Anime Style​

This uses the img2img feature we covered - simply include a photo URL in prompt, then add:

panel from manga --iw 2

Another attempt adding manga artist Naoko Takeuchi didn't generate hands well: