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How to Use Midjourney?


First, you need to register a Discord account and then join Midjourney's Discord server. Alternatively, you can visit Midjourney's official website and click on "Join the Beta" in the bottom right corner.


Using in Discord Public Servers​

After registering and entering Midjourney's server, you may need to complete various tasks (depending on Midjourney's operational strategy, which may change in the future). If so, follow the instructions to complete them.

Next, on the left sidebar of Midjourney's Discord, you will see channels like newbies-XXX. Simply click on one of them to enter. These channels are designed for free users to test.


In the input box, type /, and a menu will appear above the input box. Usually, the top option is /imagine. Click on this option (if it doesn't appear, continue typing imagine after /), and you will be able to enter an image prompt into the prompt box:


After that, you will see the Midjourney bot repeating your prompt. At the end of the sentence, there will be a line that says "Waiting to start," which means that the bot has received your prompt and is generating an image for you:


After a while, you will see a blurry image with "0%," which means that the program is generating the image:


When you see the U1 and V1 buttons below the image, it means that the image has been generated 🎉



Each image in the generated four-image grid has a resolution of 512x512 (1024x1024 for V5 version). If you want a higher resolution image, you can click the U button below the four-image grid. U1 represents the top left image, U2 is the top right, U3 is the bottom left, and U4 is the bottom right. After clicking, you need to wait, and a high-resolution image will be generated. Note that in the V5 version, the U button no longer affects the resolution. It functions as a cropping feature, allowing you to crop the four-image grid into a single image.



After discussing the U button, let's move on to the V button. This button represents "variation". When you click on this button, the program will use the image you have selected to generate four new images. However, these four new images will be more similar to the image you selected:



The last button, 🔄, is for re-roll. When you click this button, the program will generate four new images based on your prompt.

Using Midjourney Bot​

When using the app on a public channel, the images you send will be visible to other users in the channel. If you do not want your image to be seen by many people, you can use the Midjourney Bot.

However, please note that this does not mean your image will only be visible to you. The images you send will still be displayed in Midjourney's member Gallery unless you are a paid Pro member with privacy settings.

Using Midjourney Bot is simple. It is similar to having a conversation on Discord. You just need to find Midjourney Bot in the newbies-XXX channel on Midjourney and click on its profile picture. In the menu that pops up, there is an input box that says "Send a direct message to @Midjourney Bot". In this input box, you can type anything and press enter to send.


Then you will see Midjourney Bot in your list of direct messages. The usage method is the same as mentioned above, with no difference.


Saving & Deleting Images​

Saving images is similar to using many chat tools. Click on the image to view it and then right-click on the image. You can choose "Save Image As" to save the image (the right-click style may vary on Discord, but the basic operation is the same):


If you don't like the generated image, you can simply ignore it 😂

If you really want to delete the image, there is also a method. However, the operation is slightly different from your usual chat tool. On the image message you want to delete, there is an emoji button in the top right corner (labeled as Button 1 in the image below). Clicking on it will bring up an emoji menu. In the emoji menu, type "x" in the input box (labeled as Box 2 in the image). Finally, click the ❌ emoji to delete the image. Note that deleting the image not only removes it from the chat messages but also removes it from Midjourney's member Gallery.